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About Us


Welcome to Wild Reign

At the moment it's just me, Alex, but I give all credit to my little boy Ziggy Reign. Ziggy was my inspiration and drive to create this little shop. All our designs are inspired by Ziggy himself, who is now 5 years old and beyond wild. 2020 also bought two new little wilds, Lockett & Banksy.

When Ziggy was diagnosed with autism, this was my creative outlet, sort of how song writers work better when they have a reason to write. Ziggy is our reason to write and there is a story behind every design.

I completed my degree in Illustration and have never done anything with the skills I was taught until I launched Wild Reign. All of our designs are hand drawn, designed, printed and posted by myself in Hertfordshire. 

It's still only early days for Wild Reign and we have a long road ahead to turn our dreams into reality, but working from our family home while envisioning the shop we will one day open is sure a fire start.

 I wouldn't be where I am today without all the support from you! It can really help small shops like ours not get overshadowed by major high street brands when you shop independently. 

Thank you 

Please tag us in your photos on Instagram, we love to see and share them!